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Author: mandmweb

10 Signs You Have a Pot Addiction

There are many signs you have a pot addiction whenever it be warnings while you are smoking or sometimes things that have happened when you have tried to quit. Some people freely admit they are or were added while others struggle with the concept of being added to a drug that has no physical dependency issues like cigarettes or heroin but is instead a psychological addiction making it harder to recognize from your own view point. Some things you may want to look for in yourself or in others who might be addicted to marijuana are as follows: Have tried to quit smoking pot and failed Quitting any habit can be hard but those that may be added to a behavior or substance (or both) often realize that this is harmful to their life and have tried to stop smoking weed and have failed even though they may know it is for the best . Lack of motivation While many might just confuse this with a lack of direction many habitual marijuana smokers report having a sever lack of motivation to do anything that can be very harmful on relationships, work and more. This is usually found in long term users and may be linked to brain chemical changes over time that regulate mood. Depression Depression is a strange thing and some people can feel depressed when smoking weed...

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Important Tips About LCD Televisions

Liquid crystal display television is now considered as the best option when it comes to flat panel category. Well known for energy efficiency, it is the hot favorite product of the consumers. When compared with other types of televisions, LCD generates less heat even if used for prolonged hours. These two factors make it environment friendly television, the core characteristic that attracts the attention of modern consumers. In the recent past LCD television technology was subordinated to many up gradations to make it free from few minor aberrations it suffered in the early stages of its introduction in the markets. At the outset, there is a general perception that LCD television is an expensive product especially when compared with the conventional CRT. But considering the qualitative advantages it offers, the consumers will be convinced that they have opted for a bargain. The cost of this television of 23 to 40 inches sizes is much lower than other flat panel televisions of same sizes. Further it is well known that LCD is a better choice when it comes to small screens. With the innovative natural light technology, its dynamic contrast ratio has been brought to 50,000: 1. LCD television with HDMI input can offer superb digital display. It can also offer high definition audio and video output. Some models come with picture in picture feature which enable the viewer to...

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A Standardized Company Sales Plan – Good Idea or Bad?

I came across an article today that explains how companies can successfully implement a company-mandated sales plan and be sure that all of the salespeople are following it. I found the advice given in that article to be deeply disturbing to me, especially since it is new and not from a twenty-year-old book from the old school of selling. The essence of the article is this: Companies that intend to implement a new sales plan must make it mandatory, must hold the salespeople accountable for following it, must let the salespeople know that managers will inspect to make sure the new plan is being followed, and that role plays should be done in training sessions to teach salespeople how to use the new sales plan. I felt shivers down my spell when I read the part about how managers will hold salespeople accountable, and will inspect to be sure that the plan is being followed. I immediately got the picture of the stereotypical raving lunatic, "little dictator" sales manager who terrorizes his or her salespeople through micro-management and blunt orders. Is this the kind of organization good salespeople would want to work for? I'm amazed that this kind advice is still being given in this day and age. I also have a major problem with mandated role playing in training sessions. I hate role plays. I always have and...

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Taxes – Why Do We Pay Taxes

Each person pays taxes in one type or another- generally income tax and sales taxes. There are several services accessible to society that could not be managed well under any other organization. The federal government uses your tax dollars to provide you Social Security, health care, national defense and social services such as food stamps and housing. The city or county where you live provides water and garbage service, police and fire protection and public schools. But why must they be paid for taxes? Why should not we just pay individually for what we use? The answer is simple: Because no one could afford it. Each person would have to pay the full fee for the service regardless of their ability to pay. Our tax system is based on our "ability to pay." The more money we earn, the more taxes we pay. And the opposite is also true. If we earn a small income, we pay fewer taxes. There was to be a time in history when people did not pay out their taxes but slowly with the formation of tribes into villas and formation of something similar to government in these villas led to taxing people and slowly citizen started to pay their taxes to get basic amenities like roads, security and various other services. Governments taxed their citizens for a variety of reasons like the Roman...

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Go For The Subscriber Not The Sale

Which is worth more the sale or the subscriber? The subscriber by far. If you have a subscriber you can sell him products and services over and over. If you are just going for the sale with no followup you have to keep selling new people over and over. One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers making is that their strategy is to send advertising traffic to their website and to make a sale. They have no followup strategy. I guarantee you that if you are getting 500 people per day subscribing to your newsletters you will be selling something. Even if your “relationship” with your list is not that great. Of course, it course it is better to have a good relationship with your list. Heck, invite them over for dinner if you can. What I am trying to say is that all your marketing should be focused on getting more subscribers to your newsletters. This is what you should be focusing on. Because the sales will definitely follow. Think a little longer term than just trying to make a sale right now. Because you will need to be making sales one month from now, two months from now one year from now. What is your strategy for this? Get yourself an auto responder account with Aweber and start collecting the emails of everyone who comes to...

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