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It’s been a while since I last penned a blog post, and even longer since I posted an update about two of my fav network marketing streams — EPXbody and O2 Worldwide. I’ve been exceptionally busy team building, participating in marketing courses and strategizing for some upcoming coaching projects. I wanted to avoid the multitasking trap and stick to doing the ONE thing. But now I’m back to take care of business! EPXBODY + O2 WORLDWIDE COMING TOGETHER IN A MERGER TO CREATE SOMETHING GARGANTUAN! There’s a lot of excitement right now. And no, I’m not talking about Bitcoin and Cryptos,...

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Three Things for Affiliate Marketers to Survive Online

Every affiliate marketer is always looking for the successful market that gives the biggest paycheck. There are tactics that have worked before with online marketing and is continuing to work in the online affiliate marketing world of today. These top three marketing tips will help you increase your sales and survive in the affiliate marketing online. 1. Using unique web pages to promote your product. It is best to have a site focusing on each and every product and nothing more. Always include product reviews on the website and also include testimonials from users who have already tried the product. Be sure that these customers are more than willing to allow you to use their names and photos on the site of the specific product you are marketing. You can also write articles highlighting the uses of the product and include them on the website as an additional page. Make the pages attractive, compelling and include calls to act on the information. 2. Offer free reports to your readers. Create auto-responder messages that will be mailed to those who input their personal information into your sign up box. Place useful information into their in boxes at certain specified period, you will remind them of the product they thought they want later and will find out that the sale is closed. Be sure that the content is directed toward specific...

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Insights Into the World of Content Marketing

Last week, Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs released their annual B2B Content Marketing Study that dives into the practices and habits of B2B content marketers in North America. Content marketing is a key component of any customer experience strategy and while the overwhelming majority of B2B organizations are producing content, the study shows that successful execution may still be elusive. In looking at this year’s study there are some thoughts and musings I have listed below. Content Marketing Continues Upward… But Is It Successful? According to this year’s study, 91% of organizations are using content marketing (an increase of 2% compared with last year’s study) and 38% of respondents expect that their spending on content marketing will increase next year. While there is no doubt that content marketing is a necessary and useful discipline to drive customer engagement, the majority of B2B organizations do not truly understand the impact it is having within their company or their audience. According to the study, respondents stated the following in regards to the measurement of their content marketing performance: Only 19% are “excellent” or “very good” at aligning their metrics and content marketing goals only 35% of organizations consistently measure the ROI of their content marketing Given that so much time, effort and money is being spent on content marketing, it is incumbent upon marketers that they begin to measure the impact content...

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Affiliate Masters Course: A Review

The Affiliate Masters Course is one of the finest online education course if you want to make money by being an affiliate marketer. It is a course that has excellent info on becoming the best affiliate that you can become and best part is that it offered absolutely free of charge. The experts in internet marketing have discovered and disclosed "the perfect affiliate system" With the free 10-day course that is aimed at helping you become successful in online business! There's no need to worry about anything. It is free of charge and totally hassle-free. Plus, you will follow a step by step by process that would guide you through it all starting … The course will teach you how to come up with a unique website concept. You will learn to brainstorm hundreds of profitable website niche ideas with keyword-focused content pages that are guaranteed to make you earn money … to attracting targeted, motivated traffic that redirects on your recommendations, and buys from the retailers you represent. This is without doubt the ULTIMATE affiliate-earning resource for you. One of the independent authorities, Allan Gardyne has this to say about Affiliates Master Course: "I do not there's any other report out there that is better at explaining to people how they can make the most out of affiliate marketing. The list of "firsts" developed by Affiliate Masters...

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Personal Development – How to Win Friends and Influence People

Dale Carnegie's Personal Development top 3 techniques for handling people shows simple but hugely effective things all of us can do to influence others. I've been reading this book 'How to win friends and influence people'. You really should get a copy. It's one of those all time best sellers, that people just keep talking about so I picked up a copy. Success books are about giving you an idea, or some stimulus or some training to move you from one place to the next. We really became the sum total of everything we absorb. I enjoy reading these books – anything that can help me become a better person I need! Sometimes these books are so logical, so basic that you wonder why they are bestsellers, how is it they are talked about so highly for so long. I mean – this book was first published in the 1930's. But I've come to realize, that for a lot of people, they were never trained from childhood how to relate to people, how care about someone other than themselves, how to be honestly about to connect and lead people – these books break it down so simply, anyone can improve their relationships. How To Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie gives 3 tips in the first section of the book: Fundamental Techniques in Handling People. See how you...

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